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  • 12th February
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The Westboro Baptist “Church” makes me so angry! When I learned they were spreading their hateful words on tumblr I had to send them a message - now I wish I hadn’t. Not because they don’t deserve what I said, they deserve much worse than you can fit in a tumblr ask box, but because I’m better than them. I have reported the blog to tumblr and I urge all of you to do the same! (See post below.)

I don’t understand how these people survive in their world of hate. How can they claim to be people of God, only to hate everyone and everything. I’ve never felt the Bible was the word of God, but I do believe it offers important lessons and I find myself extremely uneasy about how they perverse it for their own believes.

The fact these people even claim to be part of a religion baffles me. As far as I’m concerned they’re sick people who need to be locked in an institution where they have no access to any form of media. How they can brainwash their children with these hateful views is extremely unsettling. These beautiful babies are being taught to hate. Once you hate like that the ugliness of your soul shows… you’re never beautiful again.

What’s even worse than them spreading their hate, is how stupid they can be. They praised the death of Steve Jobs… from their iPhones! They claim God gave us the internet… do they not know about the science behind it? If God was so hateful towards all of our sins why is there 7 billion people on this planet? I’m sure he would have done something by now.

These people use the name of God to spread their own hateful believes. People who know me think I’m an atheist - I’m not. I believe in God and am extremely spiritual, I just don’t recognize any organized religion. But you don’t need a religion to find offence in what these people are doing.